Data Visualization Course


  • Slides (will be updated right after the course, but these will give you a good idea what’s to come)
  • Data (you can simply download
  • Cole Nussbaumer-Knaflic. Storytelling with Data, Wiley Press, 2015.
Please bring your laptop to the course and complete the following before Day 1:
  • Download the free 14-day trial version of Tableau Desktop and install it on your laptop. We will send you a 1-year student license about one week before the course starts.
  • Watch and follow along the Getting Started with Tableau videos (ca. 30 minutes)
  • Download all of the Data ( onto your laptop and take a look at it in Excel
  • Think about which of these datasets you would like to explore in class

Day I: Foundations

Welcome (TAS 9:30 am / DCE 9 am)
What? Why? Who? How?
Design Sprint: Team Formation
Coffee Break
Effective Visualizations
What is effective? What’s the question? Who is the audience?
Design Sprint: Map
Lunch Break (12-1 pm)
Design I
Sketching. Visual Channels.
Design Sprint: Sketch
14:00-14:15 Coffee Break
Design II
Design Principles. Design Critique.
Design Sprint: Decide
Coffee Break (TAS 3 pm: End of Day 1)
Pop-Out. Gestalt Principles.
End of Day 1 (DCE 5 pm)

Day 2: Storytelling

Welcome & Review (TAS 9:30 am / DCE 9 am)
Prototype I
Tableau. Comparisons. Trends.
Coffee Break
Prototype II
Proportions. Correlations. Distributions. Maps.
Lunch Break (12-1 pm)
Data Stories. What is the message? Examples.
Storyboards. Annotations.
Coffee Break (TAS 3 pm: End of Day 2)
Evaluation Methods. Think-Aloud Studies.
End of Workshop (DCE 5 pm)